Collectively, the Principal and Associates have developed or facilitated services for the following
Companies, Organizations Non-Profit and Governmental entities:


  • Walton Construction

  • Hospital Corporation of America

  • Aventis Pharmaceuticals

  • General Motors Corporation

  • Hallmark Cards

  • Sprint

  • PepsiCo

  • Reece and Nichols

  • LGC & Associates

  • ProGroup

  • Reece and Nichols

Athletics Related

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

  • National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic (NAIA)

  • National Association of Basketball Coaches

  • National Fastpitch Coaches Association

  • National Football League (NFL)

  • Kansas City Royals

  • Big 12 Conference

  • Numerous NCAA Conferences and Universities


  • United States Justice Department

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • City of Kansas City, Missouri

  • Social Security Administration


  • Urban League of Greater Kansas City

  • KCMC Child Development Corporation

  • The Kauffman Foundation

  • Camp Fire Boys and Girls


  • United Methodist Church

  • University of Kansas Medical Center

  • The School District of Kansas City Missouri

  • The School District of Park Hill

  • Numerous Colleges and Universities